We received a very generous donation from classmates that wish to be anonymous. The note read "In Memoriam of all who were involved in the Vietnam War; especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice".

Bruce Callanach made $100 donation so we could keep the website up a 2nd year.

Mike Harrison donated $50 to help with all the extras.

Thank you Robin Parkinson for your generous donation!!

Another generous classmate... big thanks to Patty Schuh Hauptman!

Kim SUTTER Wright has contributed... thanks Kim.

To help us offset the costs, we invite anyone to make a $50 donation in memory of a fellow classmate. Your thoughts regarding the classmate will be shared during the program.

This also includes anyone who is able to help sponsor the events with a donation.  Our hope it to keep the Event Costs down so many people will be able to join us. (Example of expenses: website, stamps, postcards, printing, decorations).  Thank you....

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