Bruce Cattanach
I figured out why I don't know most of you and you don't know me. I only took required classes in the morning Senior Year at Lakewood. I worked 4:00 - 12:30 AM printing envelopes at Rockmont off I-25, saving money for College. [story continues]

I was determined to get a degree and not get into a dead end job like the one I worked in the envelope factory.

Here is my profile - I was the guy who got suspended for putting a notice on the bulletin board organizing the Colorado Student Alliance. Beloit College, Beloit WI History and Elementary Education degree in 1975. Later I got a Masters from Columbia-Teachers College [ NYC ] in Computing and Education to boost my teaching pay - 1995. Cost a fortune- but worth every penny in pension money from NJ later.

I was sort of a bum: Underemployed as a Bartender for ~ ten years. I also sold TIME-LIFE books over the phone while on vacation terms from Beloit. I once hitch hiked from Denver to Houston. Worked telephone sales in TX for 2 weeks and flew back to Lakewood. One year I had 7 W2's. Not really proud of it - but that's what happened.

I was real lucky that the man upstairs did not call my "number". After a vacation term in Denver from Beloit I bought a 1967 Triumph motor cycle and road from Denver to Beloit WI in 36 hours and 10 minutes. Dumb! but like I said: My number wasn't up. Looking at the Memorial page.... I feel fortunate that I am still on the planet. So many have passed. In memory to Randy Greenwalt who had a really difficult life and struggle which I found out from his brother, David, I sent a contribution to Debbe.

Met my wife Jackie at a sailing club meeting in Atlanta. We were married on a bare boat charter in the British Virgin Islands, Island of Tortola on 8-8-88 and it took. Still married. My advice to guys "Marry as Smart as you are Able." I did and it worked.

I taught elementary school in New Jersey for 30 years, Computers and 3rd 4th 5th G & T. Great pension, [yes- NJ is corrupt] Social Security kicked in and we moved to an Active Adult Community in Gainesville GA. We still race our Flying Scot sailboat which we campaigned up and down the east coast for 2 decades after sailing Laser's for many years.
I am a US Sailing Instructor Trainer. I certify individuals who want to become Sailing Instructors.

Member of the Lake Lanier Sailing Club which is 15 minutes from our home in "Cresswind" Gainesville GA [ North of Atlanta ] Cresswind is an Active Adult Community. If you are tired of the URBAN scene or high taxes and woud feel comfortable in a "RED STATE" come down y'all and join us.

A week in our life at Cresswind: M W F [9 - 10] YOGA. Tues, Thursday [9-10] Water Aerobics. Shooting POOL with a group of guys [ 40 guys in teams of 10 ] at our clubhouse. In a nutshell... This really is a summer camp for adults.

We are "DINKS" [double income / no kids] which works great for us. Also I am an active member of a local ROMEO's club. Retired Old Men Eating Out, which meets on Thursdays for lunch in various local restaurants in the area.

The Love of my Life- Jackie, Gettsyburg College PA grad '74 Math @ Chemistry. IT person and brilliant!

Where is Jeff Richey, Bill Berg, Don Nakayama, Curtis Abbott, Bob Myers, Betty Nelson, Kathy Slawson, Cheryl Brenman ?

Debbe -Thank you so much for putting this together!

I don't do "social media" I do have a personal website:

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